Plant Nutrition
GROWER - Uniba Tarım


Grower is a special product with high organic matter, containing high quality amino acids suitable for use in all plants and fruit trees. It contains particles smaller than 500 daltons. It is a chewy morsel for plants. It has a very fast uptake. Contains plant growth regulator, vitamins and enzymes.

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Effects of GROWER on the Plant

  • It increases the development of leaves and roots.
  • Thanks to its amino acid content of animal origin, it provides a high increase in the crop.
  • It increases the resistance of the plant.
  • It opens the crown, provides maximum amino acid absorption and shoot growth.
  • Increases product quality and efficiency.
  • Increases fruit number, quality and new branches.
  • It eliminates the amino acid deficiency necessary for fruit development.
  • It supports and accelerates the growth of the plant, even in cold periods and when the development of the plant stops.
  • It does not contain heavy metals, sodium and chlorine.
Guaranteed Content (%w/w)
Total Organic Matter 62
Organic Carbon 24
Organic Nitrogen 9
Free Amino Acids 12
pH 6-8
GROWER - Guaranteed Content

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