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GFPC Online PC Dripper - Geoflow

GFPC Online PC Dripper

It can be used in orchards, landscaping, lawn areas and greenhouses. Driplines remain filled with water throughout the irrigation intervals, providing instant and homogeneous irrigation throughout the dripline.

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  • Extremely reliable dripper
  • Unique and accurate regulatory labyrinth mechanism
  • Wide water passages through the labyrinth
  • Self-washing at the beginning and end of each irrigation cycle
  • Compact multi optional button dripper
  • Accommodates adapters with 1, 2 and 4 outlets
  • Advanced silicone diaphragm technology made of Elastofil 401 class, which protects from attacks by ants and other rodents.
  • Two wide labyrinth channels.
  • Very low operating pressure (0.5 bar)
Greenhouses and Nurseries
Hydroponic / Hydroponic culture

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