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Effect N-15 - Eforganik Tarım

Effect N-15

Effect: Root growth, plant height, stem thickness, number and size of leaves, number of branches, thickness and length, shoot and fruit / seed development are seen in plants applied with Effect N-15.

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It is a special product in liquid form that contains 15% nitrogen and 20% organic matter in its composition.

It is used in cases where the plant needs a high level of nitrogen. As a result of keeping the amount of organic matter high, soil vitality is increased and the efficiency of fertilization is increased. The high amount of organic matter in the soil also ensures that the soil pH is low.

For instance, for the situations where the plants cannot benefit from the nitrogen sufficiently although the nitrogen is sufficient in the soil; It is the most ideal food source in case of insufficient moisture and precipitation, extremely hot and cold climate conditions or insufficient nitrogen in the soil.

Organic Matter 20
Total Nitrogen 15
Organic Nitrogen one
Urea Nitrogen 14
pH 4.6-6.6
Effect N-15, content guaranteed.

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