Plant Nutrition
Docto-Zinc 15 - Doktor Tarsa Tarım

Docto-Zinc 15

Docto-Zinc 15 is a micro-nutrient fertilizer that can be used to prevent zinc deficiency in plants.

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  • Zinc (Zn) 15% EDTA
  • 100% Water soluble

Function of Zinc in Plants

Zinc acts as a catalyst in most enzyme systems in plants. Zinc-containing enzymes are important for starch and nitrogen metabolism. Zinc controls tryptophan-amino acid synthesis, which in turn stimulates auxin, an important growth hormone.

Availability of Zinc in Soil

Zinc is often attached to soil organic complexes, and high pH reduces the amount of zinc available to the plant. In addition, excessive phosphorus applications cause zinc deficiency in plants.

Products Sensitive to Zinc Deficiency

Wheat, corn, cotton, paddy, barley, oats, beans, green vegetables, citrus, grapes, apples, pears.

Zinc Deficiency

In most cases, the formation of short internodes in plants and the appearance of chlorosis in the leaves are symptoms of zinc deficiency. Small yellow spots appear on the leaves. In fruit trees, the next season, eyes, buds and shoots die, leaves fall early. Plant growth is delayed, cell growth is disrupted.

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