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Disper Size GS

DISPER Size GS is a biostimulant specially designed to support the development of fruit from maturity to harvest.

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Each DISPER Size GS molecule has a specific function in stimulating fruit growth, allowing the plant's reserves to be mobilized to supply the fruit, increasing the final quality.

Fertilizer Content
P2O5 20.00%
K2O 31.50%
Boron (B) 0.60%
Copper (Cu) 0.01%( EDTA chelated)
Manganese (Mn) 0.07% ( EDTA chelated)
Zinc (Zn) 0.07% ( EDTA chelated)
Disper Size GS - Fertilizer Content

  • It activates the mechanism of fruit development.
  • It enables the products formed as a result of plant synthesis to be transported to the fruit.
  • It provides essential nutrients to the developing fruit.
  • Increase fruit sugar content
  • It increases the quality of the harvested product.
  • It protects the plant against stress conditions.

The Importance of Disper Size GS for Plants

  • Disper Size Gs plant growth regulator is a product that has been produced with the aim of fruit development and ripening. Therefore, the main purpose is to increase the harvest amount and product quality.
  • Each molecule in the structure of Disper Size GS has a special role in fruit metabolism.


  • It has an important role in fruit development.
  • It catalyzes sugar synthesis in fruit.
  • It takes part in the transport of the sugar synthesized in the leaves to the fruit.

  • Phosphorus takes part in energy transfer in the plant.
  • During fruit development, the plant needs a very high amount of energy. Phosphorus in Disper Size GS is used to meet this need.
  • These amino acids, which are found in Disper Size GS and determined as a result of a long R&D study, provide incentives for fruit development and growth in the plant in different ways.
  • Boron is an essential element for cell division, fruit development and size.
  • Micro-elements such as Zn, Cu, Mn and Mo help better color formation in fruit by balancing pigment synthesis.
  • Disper Size GS compared to other products,
  • Thanks to the high concentration of carbohydrates it contains, it eliminates the negativities that may occur during fruit development and ripening.

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